Our organic products

All our products are certified organic and available in different points of sale : Biocoop, Botanic, Gamm'vert networks and independent organic stores. We do not sell directly to consumers.


We also supply many artisanal processors (ice cream manufacturers, confectioners, etc.)


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Product range for retailers
Coeur de vanille

35 gr jar


Made from stabilized whole pods, this semi-liquid consistency preparation concentrates all the aromas of the fruit and is very practical in cooking. A level teaspoon matches the flavor of a black vanilla pod

Pink berries

30 gr tubes


Fruits of a tree, Schinus terebinthifolius or false pepper, they are harvested by hand and carefully sorted. A less spicy and spicy spice than pepper, it has a very special flavor that perfectly complements fish dishes.

Scraped cinnamon

50 gr bag


The bark of the Ceylon cinnamon tree, a tree imported to Madagascar, is scraped to keep only the part richest in aromas. The shaping of cinnamon sticks requires skill and time; the scraped cinnamon shavings contain all the active ingredients; it is enough to reduce them into powder to integrate them into culinary preparations or to leave them as they are in infusions.

Turmeric shavings

100 gr bag


The rhizomes of Turmeric are dried and cut into chips to ensure optimal shelf life. In this form, the active ingredients are less subject to oxidation phenomena, unlike powdered spices. Reduce to powder before use.

Litchis confit honey

35 gr jar


A subtle blend of honey and lychee, honey with lychee confit is a Betsimis exclusive.

Product range for artisans

Are you an independent professional processor and are you interested in our products for making your products (yogurts, ice creams, etc.)? We offer bulk quantities, especially for our Vanilla Heart , a natural extract, very concentrated and very aromatic, practical to use for all your preparations. Do not hesitate to contact us (fairtrade@betsimis.com) to find out our "bulk" prices.